History of Edgehill Village

Edgehill Village is a uniquely charming, mixed-use development located just off Music Row at Edgehill Avenue and Villa Place in Nashville, Tennessee. Comprised of eight vintage masonry buildings built in the 1920s with more than 56,000 square feet, Edgehill Village was once home to commercial steam laundry company Whiteway Cleaners.


The property is a destination offering locals and tourists an authentic Nashville experience with a well-curated group of restaurants, shops, and businesses. While dedicated to their vision for Edgehill Village, they are also committed to adding value to the Edgehill neighborhood.

Manuel Zeitlin of Manual Zeitlin Architects designed the space true to Edgehill Village’s vision, showcasing the true potential of the character, quality of architecture and sense of place and community. The approach was careful and sensitive which is transforming Edgehill Village into the heart of an emerging neighborhood bridging Music Row with the surrounding historic Edgehill neighborhood.


Anne Daigh Landscape Architects were responsible for the design of Edgehill Village’s landscape. The vision for Edgehill Village was to develop a new image for the site and make it a hip and vibrant destination for shopping, dining, and communal use. Adding on-site parking and making the area more pedestrian friendly helped improve circulation and functionality within the space. The open-air, interior courtyard received a new terrace and hanging globe lights, and an old alley is now usable, spill-over space from the courtyard laminated with festival lights. A layer of fresh, textural and sustainable native plants enhanced the entire site.


Asana Partners purchased a majority controlling interest in the property (or if accurate, “purchased the property”) in 2017, drawn to Edgehill Village’s unique aesthetic, compelling  location, and connectivity to its surrounding neighborhood.


Known for investing in dynamic markets that continue to evolve, Asana has properties in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Alexandria, and Boston in  addition to Nashville. Their character-rich locations – many of which feature historic properties like Edgehill Village – offer a carefully selected mix of independent, regional, and nationally recognized brands in retail, dining, and office space.